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Most companies have data scattered in a variety of places in different formats. This makes it virtually impossible to get quick answers to the kinds of complex questions that will drive competitive advantage. We can help.

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The explosive growth of data brings incredible business opportunities but also presents some challenges. Without quality data management, nothing is possible. Raw data rarely meets an organization’s analytical needs, so it must be manipulated into a form suitable for further analysis. Unilytics offers expert services in data quality, data architecture, ETL, and enterprise data management.

Most business intelligence solutions are either heavy-duty back-end data crunchers or front-end data visualization and dashboard tools. The back-end solutions are typically expensive, require an IT team to manage, and are not accessible to business users. And they are overkill for small to medium-sized businesses.

Incorporating data from different data sets into Power BI to create visualizations with relevant, actionable data is often a challenge. Altair BI assists companies that lack the technical expertise or resources required to efficiently structure their data to gain the insights they need to drive business.

Have your analysts doing what they were hired for…analyzing your data and finding bigger, better, more efficient ways for your organization to succeed. Become a world-class data-driven organization with our help.

ETL (Extract, Transform, Load)

ETL is the set of data preparation and integration processes by which data is extracted from numerous databases, applications, and systems; transformed as appropriate; and loaded into target systems – including, but not limited to, data warehouses, data marts and analytical applications.

Our team of experts have designed and implemented countless ETL projects. We employ the latest ETL methodologies and best practices using many industry-leading ETL tools. Our Data Management solutions are designed and tailored to your specific needs and situation.

Data Warehousing

Creating and managing an effective data warehouse is often critical for creating useful visuals. And the way data is stored is paramount. Power BI and similar tools will struggle if the data isn’t easy to access. Altair BI consultants can ensure the data architecture and design suits your business intelligence agenda.

Data Enrichment

Data on customers, suppliers, communities, and other sources arrives in various forms. Businesses use this information daily to make intelligent decisions across virtually all their functions – so ensuring it’s accurate is key. One way of doing this is through data enrichment.

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