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Data visualization & presentation of analytics enables decision makers to quickly grasp difficult concepts, identify new patterns, and make smarter decisions.


Power BI Consulting Services

Altair BI offers a full range of Power BI consulting & data visualization services from analysis of your current Power BI set-up to creation of vivid dashboards brimming with insight.

Power BI Dashboard Creation

The hallmark of a data-driven dashboard is the ability to see and understand data at the speed of thought. Well-planned dashboards will allow both business leaders and knowledge workers alike to ask and answer questions in real-time, turn insight into action, and inspire true innovation.

Data Visualization Best Practices

Creating dashboards requires much more than knowing Power BI features. It relies on data visualization best practices and central to that is knowing who will be consuming the dashboards, how they’ll be interacting with them, and what questions they expect the dashboards to answer.

Dashboard Development Process

We employ UD³ – dashboard design and development process for dashboard design, construction, and release. Our proprietary process maximizes relevant insight for each and every dashboard.

Adapt BI Framework

Altair BI’s Adapt is a framework for business intelligence that leads to improved business reporting and optimized analytics by providing a systematic approach for identifying and accessing required data and presenting it to decision makers.

KPI Analysis

Understanding what to visualize starts by knowing what to measure. But business activities create more data than companies can reasonably absorb. It’s critical for firms to understand which numbers to track and how to calculate them. KPI Karta® is a proven methodology to help companies identify, measure, and manage KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

Retainer Service

MARS (Management And Retainer Support) is Altair BI’s retainer service for providing ongoing services and technical assistance. MARS offers customers expert consulting for ad hoc problem solving and near-immediate help with data management, visualization, configuration issues, data warehousing, and ETL functions.

The MARS program includes a ticketing system to log requests, a guaranteed 2-hour response time, and a dedicated primary contact person. Priority assistance is given to clients with MARS contracts.

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