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Incorporating data from different data sets into a tool like Power BI to create visualizations with relevant, actionable data is often a challenge. If you spend half of your time manipulating data, and the other half analyzing it, you’re doing something very inefficiently. Transforming data does not drive insight; analyzing it does.

ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) can be a daunting process for many because it almost always requires joining or blending multiple data silos to create a complete picture of your corporate initiatives. Altair BI helps by dramatically reducing or even eliminating data manipulation. Our team of data experts employ the latest ETL methodologies and best practices using industry-leading tools. Our solutions are tailored to your specific needs because no two companies have the same data or requirements.

While traditional databases are great for storing data, those same table structures are terrible for navigating and visualizing data in tools such as Power BI. It’s usually necessary to convert an online analytical processing (OLAP) database structure into a data warehouse. We’ll work with your data and optimize it for each particular use. With proper restructuring you can enjoy massive performance improvements in both online transaction processing (OLTP) and OLAP databases.

Our services are enhanced by partnering with Alteryx and Talend, both leaders in ETL and data enrichment. These tools help us provide an integrated solution for rich data visualization, improve database response time, increase data quality, and unburden your IT departments.

Become a world-class data-driven organization with our help. Talk to one of our data/ETL experts today.

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