Posted by Eric

November 3, 2015

1:05 pm

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5 Must Dos BEFORE Creating Dashboards

In the world of data visualization, a lot of focus is paid to the visualization tools themselves. Should I use a time-series visual, a scatter plot, or a heat map? What is the best way to visualize survey data? Can I export my dashboard to a PDF? These are perfectly valid questions, but as much, if not more, attention should be spent on what needs to occur BEFORE you even open up your visualization tool. Here are five of the most important pre-visualization considerations we recommend based on our extensive experience with data and visualization.

Posted by Peder Enhorning

January 16, 2014

10:12 am

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7 Business Intelligence Requirements for IT

Business users and organizations need the ability to quickly analyze their data to identify issues, causes, and opportunities for improvement. Once these analyses are identified, they need to be frequently monitored and distributed to others.

Traditional Business Intelligence just takes too long

With traditional business intelligence (BI), creating and maintaining effective analyses can take months to define and develop, and require expensive resources to maintain. And by the time they are created, the business situation will have likely evolved, potentially doing harm to the business and its customers.

Posted by Peder Enhorning

March 12, 2013

11:23 am

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Give Decision Makers Better Access to Business Intelligence!

End users are decision makers. However, all too often they don’t have the data necessary to make accurate, well informed decisions. Even though they understand the data that drives their business, they don’t have access to the tools to interrogate it. Think about it. The business tools we use every day don’t have the ability to generate insightful reports. If you are a sales manager, perhaps it would be good to know the percentage of client tasks sales people completed on-time and how that correlates to their performance, or simply how many tasks they have relative to sales performance -try extracting that from Salesforce! Perhaps you want to know how sales and marketing activities affect other channels of engagement such as the web. Unfortunately, the tools necessary for these queries are not easily within the grasp of most business users.

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